Two Common Home Inspection Items

             So, your buyers have taken the plunge! They’ve gone out and found a place that they really like, they made their decision, and have put in an offer on it, and now they’ve decided to have the home inspection. There are two things that almost always come up during a home inspection. During home inspections, yes, there are several things that will almost always come up, but it’s safest to assume that these two items are going to be at the top of the list.

 The first thing is the condition of the roof. Going in, the buyer should just already assume that the roof is probably not brand new. Most sellers do not have it on the top of their Fix It List to repair the roof before they decide to sell their homes, so it’s safe to assume, as a buyer, that the roof on the home you are about to purchase may need a bit of love. Secondly, we should probably assume that the home will need a boiler. Same as the roof, a seller isn’t going to replace the boiler when they prepare to sell, either. The heating system, the HVAC system, the boiler system, all together along with the roof are the two main components that will most likely come up in a home inspection.

Sure, there are any number of other things that can come up such as insulation issues, mold in the attic, electrical sockets not working, those are also fairly common, but most importantly the two major things that always seem to come up on home inspections that inspectors are always looking for are the roof condition and the boiler condition Going into it with this assumption will save a lot of surprise and maybe some grief. Let’s just face the music and be prepared! Better safe than sorry.

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