Do Unto Others

Think before you review. Repeat after me: Think before you review! We’ve all had the opportunity to go to a restaurant and have an unfavorable experience. Perhaps, the service wasn’t good or the food wasn’t to your liking or cooked well, yes, we’ve all been there. But, have you ever given thought to the ‘why’?  Based on a first encounter, you really have no idea why that food at that first experience was not good or why the service wasn’t that great on that specific day. We have all had bad days and would hate to be judged and pigeonholed by how we might have behaved on just a one bad day.

We can never truly understand the battles that some people deal with. So, if you go into a restaurant, car dealership, retail store, or anywhere for that matter, anything that can be reviewed, think twice before making your way to a site such as Yelp. Take a second to think before you proceed to give an electronic tongue lashing on how terrible you think such and such is. How you would feel if the tables were turned? What if, you called a contact you had and you didn’t exactly see eye to eye with them for whatever reason, maybe the conversation didn’t go that well, maybe they weren’t educated on the real estate verbiage, maybe it was a misunderstanding, or you treated them poorly because you got frustrated, maybe lost your patience and shouldn’t have made the call in the first place because you were in a bad mood… Well, what if, based on that first impression, they turned right around and got on Zillow and let out all the bad feelings and how terribly they were treated for the entire Internet to see based on that one short conversation. Does that seem fair? Of course not.

Why not try a second chance. If you go to a place and it’s not good, maybe it’s just an off day for someone. How about you go back a second time and see. If it’s still not good, then that would be giving it the benefit of the doubt, giving it a second chance to redeem it’s reputation. If they fall short, yet again, then perhaps you have some license to tell family and friends that you wouldn’t necessarily recommend they patron that establishment. But before you run to the Internet and tell off these businesses or even, on the other hand, praise how great they may be, be sure the experience you are reporting on is giving consideration to all the different angles. Anyone can have a bad day. One bad conversation with one person in a bad mood on a bad day is no cause to ruin a reputation online for a lifetime. It all comes down to the Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have done unto you. If you go to a site and tout how terrible the restaurant is then they return the favor and review your real estate service as terrible, what good does that do anyone? It benefits no one. Do unto others, as you’d like done to you.

You would like someone to give you the benefit of the doubt, “Oh maybe he was just having a bad day…” Don’t be so quick to rush and expose the negatives. One bad apple experience shouldn’t be enough to turn you off of a company and shouldn’t be enough fuel for you to immediately go and attempt to destroy their business online. Be positive, give second chances, always give the benefit of the doubt, and you will be treated in kind.

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