Facebook Friends

Have you ever noticed how people ‘like’ your social media content? Like when you put up a picture there is always that same person who always seems to ‘like’ it or when you put a picture of your family up, again that same person will ‘like’ it and ‘share’ it and ‘comment’ on it… But don’t you find it strange that when you are walking through somewhere and you happen to see them in person and they have nothing to say to you? No acknowledgement, they don’t say ‘hi’ or ‘how are you doing’…

It’s really interesting to me how we have transitioned our world of communication into a social Behind the Curtain, non-live conversation where you can interact with somebody and in some cases become best friends with somebody, but yet when you get face to face with them, there is nothing to say.

A good case of this is with my good buddy Howie in New York. Howie and I became good buddies on Facebook sharing common interests. He happened to sell real estate in New York and I happened to sell real estate in Boston. We both have similar interests, so we connected pretty well on Facebook. Then at one point, he reached out for some help. He was coming to Boston and needed someone to help him move. So, I had a decision to make. I could just stay a mere Facebook Buddy, but I decided that I would go and help Howie move his stuff. Now, I’d never met Howie in person outside of the veil of social media, I only knew him from online and from the pictures on Facebook that he had chosen to post, but instead of keeping our friendship behind the curtain of the computer and social media, I decided to come out from behind that comfort zone and go meet Howie and help him move.

Social media can be an awesome thing to help grow relationships and for making new friends, but only if you are willing to show your true self, not just hitting the ‘like’ button and commenting on posts and hitting the ‘share’ button. Put some emotion into your Facebook and into your relationships and let people know you truly care, especially if you are one of those people who ‘likes’ the pictures and then passes that same person in real life at the market or in church and says nothing. That’s not what I believe Facebook to be all about. It’s about creating friendships, relationships, and sharing common interests with people and getting to know people that you might otherwise never have met.

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